Wiyala Ngarra

Speak Together Listen

Wiyala Ngarra is a 12-week culturally safe and relaxed group program for our mob wanting to improve their mental health. We will work together to develop skills, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and achieve insight.

Each week we will run 2 groups; one for Women’s Business and one for Men’s Business.

Over the course of the program we’ll cover topics including;
– Understanding good mental health and wellbeing and how to get it
– Goal setting and making changes
– Promoting healthy relationships
– Conflict resolution and assertive communication
– Developing skills and strategies to cope with stress and crisis
– Understanding and managing emotional responses
– Suicide prevention and safety planning
– Understanding sadness and depression, loss and grief
– Substance use and making changes

To find out more about the group, contact Marli Wright on 6571 5111 or 0412 720 992.

Download the Wiyala Ngarra Referral Form below