Speech Therapy

Ungooroo’s Health Clinic now provides speech therapy services.

Speech therapy is for children and adults who may be experiencing any  of the following:
Speech sound errors – the pronunciation of words and sounds
Language difficulties e.g. memory issues, difficulties following directions or understanding instructions, late talkers
Reading difficulties
Voice issues (e.g. it hurts when you speak, your voice is very quiet)
Swallowing and feeding difficulties for children e. g. picky eaters, trouble transitioning between textures
Swallowing and feeding difficulties for adults e.g. takes longer to chew food, maybe coughing and choking when eating, excessive saliva production
Oral-motor issues e.g. tongue ties, lip ties, reduced tongue and/or jaw strength.

Ungooroo’s Speech Therapist can also assist patients suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post-Stroke Therapy & Parkinson’s Disease.

For an appointment call Ungooroo (02) 65715111 or email admin@ungooroo.com.au.