Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation have partnered with Singleton Physiotherapy to provide physiotherapy services to our community one day a week. To access bulk-billed physiotherapy treatment at Ungooroo, you must be referred by a GP (obtainable via our GP clinic).

Our physiotherapist will listen to your needs and work with you to develop the most appropriate treatment for your condition, including setting goals and treatment outcomes. Our aim is to create optimal health, have you free from pain wherever possible, and eliminate or reduce injury. And, of course, ultimately we want you to stay that way.
Physiotherapy is overcoming or preventing movement disorders including those:
Present from birth
Acquired through accident or injury
Caused by ageing or life-changing events.
Physiotherapy can help you to achieve sustainable change through:
Injury prevention / recovery
Pain reduction / elimination
Mobility improvement (or reduced stiffness)

All physiotherapists are university-qualified health professionals specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury. If it hurts anywhere from head to toe, a physiotherapist can probably help.

Contact us on (02) 6571 5111 to make an appointment with our physiotherapist.

How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can help restore and maintain functional movement, reduce pain, and promote better health. Physiotherapists can treat a range of conditions including (but not limited to):

Headaches rehabilitation after surgery (for example, following a hip or knee replacement)Spinal pain and injuriesSports injuriesFractures musculoskeletal problems (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)Structural or arthritic problems (such as flat feet or osteoarthritis)Paediatric conditions (such as cerebral palsy)

Physiotherapists use manual therapy including massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation and muscle stretching. Other methods used to reduce pain and inflammation include hot packs, ice, ultrasound and laser treatment.

If you have any of the injuries or conditions that you think may be improved through physiotherapy, a consultation with our physiotherapist is a step in the right direction!