NAIDOC Week 2019

For more than 65,000 plus years our people have been the voice of this country. Our languages have been the first (and for a lon time the only) words spoken on this continent. Through our languages we passed down lore, culture and knowledge and this makes our languages precious to our nation.

It’s our Indigenous voice that holds our know-how, our practises, our skills and innovations, all of which are found in a wide variety of contexts including agriculture, science, technical areas, ecology and medical fields. Our languages also hold a substantial amount of biodiversity-related knowledge.  Our words connect us to country, give us an understanding of country and provide an understanding our history – the history of the oldest continuing culture on the planet.

And with 2019 being celebrated as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, it’s time for our knowledge to be heard through our voice. This year NAIDOC celebrates Voice, Treaty and Truth!

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