Hearing and Audiometry

Matthew Tanti, Audiologist

Audiology and hearing screening for adults and children is now available at Ungooroo GP and Health Services. Our staff and registered nurse are accredited and trained in audiology screening for both adults and children.

Research has shown there are significant long-term consequences of chronic otitis media (a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear). Issues includes:

A delay in speech and language development
Learning difficulties due to delayed speech and language development
Behavioural problems
Problems progressing through school.

Many of these issues can affect individuals for life if the problem is not diagnosed and resolved quickly.

If you would like to make an appointment to be screened for hearing, please call Ungooroo on (02) 6571 5111 to make an appointment.

Our expansion into hearing screening services has been made possible through support from local industry. Ungooroo GP and Health Services would like to thank Yancoal for their support in supplying Ungooroo with a state of the art audiology hearing booth. This is a major step forward for the local community and has the potential to make significant changes in people’s lives.