Business Services (Dookal)

Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation provides a range of business to business services through Dookal Group Pty Ltd.

Our services include:
labour hire
unique corporate merchandising.

Labour hire

We partner with organisations to provide labour hire services for a range of industries including hospitality, mining, agriculture and tourism. Through our Dookal Group we can provide qualified individuals with the right skills for the right job. This enables businesses to meet and maintain their targets for Indigenous engagement.

Our services are possible because of:
the experience and resources available at Ungooroo
our partnership with the Barranggirra Employment and Mentoring Program
our partnership with the Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative
our strong ties to the Indigenous community and our long history of partnering with local industry.

Corporate Workwear

We offer a complete corporate clothing range – branded and unbranded. Your logo can be embroidered or imprinted using advanced dye sublimation technology. We can supply a wide range of corporate and protective clothing –  including brands such as King Gee and BIS Corporate Clothing. If you already have your clothing, we can add your brand or logo to it.

Please see our Dookal Group’s corporate clothing page for more details.

Unique Corporate Designs

We combine your branding and authentic Aboriginal designs to produce:
workwear and corporate clothing.

These are unique and specific to your needs. We do this through Wupa at Wanaruah (our Indigenous art initiative) which allows us to commissions artists or purchase their artwork so it can be added to your products.  For many organisations this is an important step in recognising the long history of Indigenous people across Australia and its islands.