About Us

Our Objectives

Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation has worked to empower our Indigenous community since 1994. We have built strong community and industry relationships that allow us to assist the Upper Hunter Indigenous community to achieve their vision for the future. We remain the only Indigenous not-for-profit shop-front organisation in Singleton.

We work with our Indigenous community to:
ensure access to essential services
improve the health of Indigenous people
increase skills, training, education and employment
help our community members to achieve personal and financial goals
ensure social justice and social equality
maximise participation in all aspects of community life
develop and grow sustainable Indigenous businesses.
We work with our broader community to:
generate respect for the oldest living culture on Earth
raise awareness of the employment needs of Aboriginal people
increase training, education and employment opportunities

As a not-for-profit organisation, all income streams generated by Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation are returned to the Indigenous community through a range of constantly evolving programs and services. In this way the community as a whole benefits from the work done at Ungooroo.

Our Philosophy

Whilst striving to make a better future for Indigenous people, Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation also understands that the community needs to retain the unique heritage and traditions that are integral to the Wanaruah community.

Our values reflect this need to retain our heritage as we work towards an inclusive membership and a philosophy that promotes:
honesty, integrity and professionalism
a commitment to, and respect for, our culture and heritage (past, present and future)
provision of services for our elders and opportunities for our youth
the protection of our artists’ copyright.

Our team

Our Board of Directors is supported by the following team members:
Taasha Layer (CEO)
Debbie Chenery (Accounts Manager)
Craig Layer (AEDO Program Manager for the Hunter and Central Coast Regions)
Darren Wright (NCAP Program Manager for the Hunter and Central Coast Regions)
Scott Burgess (SHS Program)
Adam Swadling (SHS Program)
Dr Leah Byrne (General Practitioner)
Mel Schulz (Medical Administration Officer)
Brooke Turner (Registered Nurse)
Hayley Waugh (Registered Nurse)
Loredana Caita-Mandra (Medical Administration Officer)
John Evans (Optometrist)
Robert Martinez (Physiotherapist)
Kelly Stephenson (Dietician)