Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer

The Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) Program assists with the establishment of locally sustainable Aboriginal businesses in NSW. The AEDO program is staffed by Aboriginal people who have experience in small business operations and management.

AEDO’s are in touch with the needs of Aboriginal communities and work closely with local industry and business development agencies.

Our AEDO Officer, Craig Layer who has been in this role for over 9 years, can assist you with:
starting up a small business
researching and developing a business plan
arranging accredited small business training
providing information on financial management
providing ongoing mentoring and support once your business is up and running
providing information on how and where to apply for funding
advising on procurement within industries and companies to increase Indigenous business participation
providing Indigenous engagement and cultural awareness training.

Contact details for the AEDO Officer are:
Aboriginal Business Advisor
Mobile: 0448 233 817
Office: 6571 5111
Email: aedo@ungooroo.com.au