Aboriginal Careers and Employment (NCAP)

About NCAP

New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) is a program operating across New South Wales. It is aimed at increasing the participation of Aboriginal people in the workforce by:
Identifying or creating opportunities
Supporting employees and employers to ensure sustainable employment
Identifying education and training opportunities for workers or potential workers

The work of the NCAP program is carried out by Aboriginal Employment Advisors. Ungooroo’s Aboriginal Employment Advisor is Darren Wright (pictured).

Role of the Aboriginal Employment Advisor

Aboriginal Employment Advisors are available to assist Aboriginal people in identifying and overcoming barriers to education, training and employment.

An Aboriginal Employment Advisor can help by:
Establishing contacts with relevant Government agencies to ensure education, training and employment services are available
Offering advice in relation to employment, career planning, resume writing, writing a job application, job interview techniques
Looking for employment opportunities with employers
Developing relationships with Job Services Australia providers
Staying in touch with organisations and individuals that may be seen as a local resource for job-seekers
Referring clients for training and employment opportunities.

Please contact Darren if you need assistance.

NCAP and Ungooroo

Training Services NSW uses a tender process to select non-profit, community-based organisations to develop and manage the NCAP project for three year terms. Ungooroo is proud to manage the NCAP program for the Hunter region.

Contact Details

Contact details for the Aboriginal Employment Officer are:

Aboriginal Employment Officer
Mobile: 0408 460 771
Office: 6571 5111
Email: ncap@ungooroo.com.au


“Hi, I am Daniel and I moved here from Walgett for a better life. I started to get in a lot of trouble at Walgett with no work and nothing to do. So I moved to Maitland for more employment chances. I met up with Darren Wright at the JobLink Plus office in Maitland. Darren is the New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) officer who works with Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation in Singleton. Darren assisted me in gaining a position in an accredited training program with clubs NSW and the Barrington Group.

In that training I gained invaluable skills and experience as well as a lot of friends. It was the best thing that I have done. Darren helped the trainer and it was great. [I had] tremendous support, including ongoing mentoring that I continue to benefit from. As a result I am now employed in a job that I love and [that] has changed my life for the better.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved and I would like to see more Aboriginal people working in the club industry”

~ Daniel, supported by Ungooroo’s NCAP program